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SEO Guide For Fresh New Blog/Website

If you are starting a new blog or website then how is SEO done on it? Need to start with and what are SEO Checklists that keep in mind to optimize blog or website? We will know about ‘Complete SEO Guide for new blog and website’ in details and see how the website can make 100% SEO optimize?

SEO Guide For Fresh New Blog/Website


If you search ‘SEO For Fresh Blog’ then you can find many advances and better search engine optimization guides and techniques but In this, you do not get much information about basic search engine optimization. The mistakes we make in the beginning, we have to pay for it. In this way, this massive SEO guide will be helpful for you as a case study.

SEO Guide 2019


We need to bring our business or Idea to mass-audience to a website or blog and for this, we start with a plan. If the business is big, the plan is big but if we have a website or blog we just think in my mind that this will be my website or blog on this, after that we start setting up the website or blog and the SEO process starts with this.


No.1 Domain:


When you go to buy a domain for your blog or website, then it is decided that on which topic you will create a blog or website. If you are about to publish a blog or website related to Technology. For this, you have to choose the name of your blog or website so that people can read the name and understand what kind of information they will get on this blog or website.


No.2 Color Scheme:


The color scheme is very important when we do a fresh website or blog or website design. Every single color has its own importance and its own is a proper definition.

When you create a blog or website, keeping the content and the audience in mind, select the right color and Neil Patel has given it a better way and You must read this blog or website on ‘Search engine land’.


No.3 Navigation:


If it is understood in general, if you are in a place that you do not know about, Map Navigation is the most important device for you. If he shows direction from wrong way. You will go 100% in the wrong direction and after some time you will get upset.

In such a way, if a user accesses your website for the first time through a query from a search engine, then he will immediately leave your site immediately if he does not find the correct navigation and this will increase the exit rate of your blog or website, Time on Site will decrease, the Bounce rate will increase and direct it will affect your keyword ranking.


No.4 Meta:


Meta tags show the search bot what your blog or website is about, but there are lots of Meta tags. But something popular and necessary is used only in this. Whenever you are setting up a new blog or website, set up its Meta.

Not all but at least these two:-

  • <title> What is your blog or website about</title>
  • <meta=”description” content=” What kind of information are you going to give to your blog or website?” />


The appropriate length of the Title tag should be 68 characters and the length of the description can be 160 characters or more. It has no fixed limit.


Use OG (Open graph) tags for Facebook and Twitter for Twitter for twitter.


Privacy Policy:


There is a lot of confusion between the people about whether privacy is important for SEO and in the beginning we ignore it but this is not right. Privacy is very important for SEO and its reason is also.

Data breach on the internet has come days and In this case, if you take any type of data from the customer, then you have to make a commitment to the customer that every one of your data will be safe with us.

In such a case, if you do not have a blog or website privacy policy, then you are not loyal to the search engine, and this will put your blog or website below each blog or website containing the privacy page.




If there is no correct information about Robots.txt, then you should not even touch it because a wrong tag can remove search engine from your blog or website.

User-agent: *


This is default robot.

User-Agent * means Web Crawler will crawl all the pages on your website.

Disallow means a page which you do not want to crawl, then disallow is used for it, and after putting this tag the crawler will not visit that page.


  1. User-agent: Googlebot
  2. Disallow: /example.html         
  3. Only Google crawler will crawl your website when using such a tag and example.html will not even visit the page.
  4. You can take full details about Robots.txt, its website.
  5. This Use We can also use the tag as well.

Keyword Research:


The keyword is research and it is very important for your post, page and blog or website, and for this, you can get help from the keyword research tool. In which Google Keyword Planner is Free and the best tool.

Whenever you search for a new blog or website keyword, focus on Keyword competition and monthly average clicks, and this video is the best one for you.

These are the best tips for all the new blog or website SEO, and if we keep them in mind then our website/blog can help a lot. Yes, it is necessary that if you are new then it will take some time for you. But after setting proper SEO, your blog or website can grow better.

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