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What Is Local SEO? The Guide To Rank Your Local Business

If you're having a local business and you're looking to drive customers via Google Search then Local SEO is something very important for your business. Local SEO is not different from the normal SEO. But, You need a different approach for ranking your local business online.

We'll be talking about Local SEO and how it can help you get more business through the Internet.

For everyone out there, Who don't know about Local SEO. Let's first discuss local SEO in brief.

What Is Local SEO?

It is the process of improving the organic visibility of local businesses in definite geographical locations in the search engine results. It is very similar to SEO, where we work on improving the appearance of a particular web page or website in the search engine organic listings.


Local SEO has grown significantly over the past few years with the increase in the number of smartphone users and mobile internet users.

Maybe this can sound very technical to you. Let me make this more practical and easy to understand for you. 


Whenever you search anything on Google like Shops near me, Tailors near me, Salons near me and more similar searches. You will see different search results based on your geographical location.


These all are the local business listings and the optimization techniques used for improving your positioning in these listings are called Local SEO.


By now, You must have a clear image of Local SEO in your mind. But, You must be thinking about how this can help you in your business.


How Local SEO Can Help Your Business?

Do you know 46% of all the searches on Google are local?  That counts up to 18000 local searches every second.


If you are ignoring local SEO of your business then you are seriously losing a lot of potential customers every second. With the advancement in Voice Search, People are now searching for more local businesses through Google.


I know a lot of people out there who are driving a lot of customers from Google by improving their business presence on Google. The best part about Local SEO is that it will help you bring organic customers/visitors. It means you don't have to spend money on customer acquisition and your business will get customers on auto-pilot.

Isn't it cool?

I'm sure you must have decided to do a proper Local SEO on your business online. Let's learn how you can do it.


How To Get Started With Local SEO?


1. Google My Business:

The first thing you need to get started when it comes to Local SEO is Google My Business. You need to fill out your details and claim your Google My Business page so that your business can be listed in the local search directory.


Google My Business is a product by Google that allows businesses to build up their business page online and get listed in the search results on all the relevant local searches.


Getting a Google My Business profile will help you to manage your presence on Google search results.


Once you're done with setting up your business page, you need to start collecting reviews for your business page, that will help in increasing your position.


Things To Remember With Google My Business

  • Try to put all the relevant information related to your business on your My Business Page.
  • Get as many genuine reviews possible on your My Business Page.
  • Upload many pictures related to your business and services on your Business Page.
  • Make sure to link your contact details with your page.
  • Put up the opening and closing hours of your business.
  • Link your proper business address so that users can easily navigate via Google Maps.


2. Business Website

You need a business website to get more visibility in Google search results. Google loves transparency and relevancy and if you have a decent business website then it will directly help you to improve your business appearance on search results.

Not just having a website will help you improve your online presence. There are many other factors that decide your business presence.


Things To Remember With Business Website

  • You need a mobile responsive business website.
  • Make sure you're website is pretty fast while loading.
  • Your website must have SSL(https) enabled.
  • Proper Business Schema.
  • Must have all the necessary pages.
  • Your website must be Voice SEO friendly.


3. Local On-Page SEO Factors

You need to have a proper Local On-Page SEO optimization on your business page as well as your business website. General On-Page SEO factors include improving user experience, using proper keywords, Image Alt attributes and many more. These are all the basic on-page factors you need to pay special attention.

If you're into SEO from a long time then Local SEO can be a cup of tea for you. 


Things To Remember With Local On-Page SEO Factors

  • Try to add city/state with your business keywords and place them in your page & business website.
  • Make use of local keywords in H1 tags and Image Alt attributes.
  • Place local keywords in your website URL's.


4. Local Link Building Strategies

Just like normal SEO, You also have to build up links for your local business. Link building for Local business is very important and many times people ignore this point when it comes to Local SEO.

As we build links in our normal SEO campaigns, We have to build up links for your local business website. But, you need to build relevant links when we talk about Local business lisiting.

With relevant links, I mean that getting links from other related local business websites. Getting such links will give a positive signal to Google and will help in improving your position in the business listings.


Things To Remember With Local Link Building

  • Always link with other related local businesses.
  • You can get links by sponsoring local events and ask them by linking your business on their websites.
  • Use local directory websites and get listed here for relevant links.
  • You can also run an AMA on Reddit with the local communities.
  • Use SEO tools like Ahrefs and SemRush to find your local competitors backlinks and do email outreach to get links.


5. Improving Click-Through-Rate

CTR is a key factor that helps Google in deciding the position of a particular web page or website. Click Through Rate is the number of clicks a webpage receives out of all the search traffic on the SERP.

So, having a better and eye-catchy business headline attract more users and hence it increases the CTR of that particular web page. 

You can also improve the CTR of your business by implementing proper Schema Markup on your business website with all the relevant business information on your business website and page.

The other way is to get better business headlines that can get more user attention in the SERP.


Things To Remember With CTR

  • Don't over optimize to Improve your CTR.
  • Try to be more authentic with your business listings.
  • Give more value in the meta description to improve your business CTR.


In this article, We've talked about Local SEO in brief and how it can help you in growing your local business online via different channels. If you're just starting out then you need to have proper knowledge of Local SEO. You also have to implement proper Local SEO strategies to get more organic customers via Google.


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