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Google Lighthouse SEO Tool – Visit any website’s performance report

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Google Lighthouse SEO Tool – Visit any website’s performance report

Website Performance Checks for Best Free SEO Tool

Hello friends, Google Developer community is always known to create some creative & interesting tools. This time Google Developer has launched the same name as “Google Lighthouse SEO Tool”. Today we will learn about Google Lighthouse in detail here.

Whenever we offer SEO practice and website Accessibility checks to your website / blog from any Free SEO Checker Website Application for free SEO online analysis, we only know that in Website / blog we only have to describe, Tag, Heading About Code and images Optimization, we get Proper SEO & Performance Suggestion.

But Google Lighthouse SEO Tool is such a feature that can give many Optimization suggestions related to the website. Let’s know a little bit about it.

What is the Google Lighthouse SEO Tool?

Google Lighthouse’s Open-Source automated tool is used to improve Web pages quality and auditing performance, accessibility, SEO, and optimization of any Web Page.

This was mentioned for the first time in Google IO 2017 and since then it has become a popular tool for Github and Chrome Developers because it is an open-source system like android OS, which any developer customize according to its requirement. Could.

How to use Google Lighthouse SEO Tool?

Like all the other website error checker tools, it can also be used. But this is not a website or software. To use this, a Chrome browser is required because it is a Chrome extension. I used to tell you about the way I used to use it correctly and by looking at it you can also use it.

To check the performance of your website from the Google Lighthouse SEO Tool, first you have to have Chrome Browser Download & Install in your computer. After that, the “Google Lighthouse” has been searched on the Chrome Web Store website and then clicking on the added option is chrome.

After clicking on added to chrome, Google Lighthouse adds to Extension Browser. Which we can see at the top right corner of Google Chrome.

After adding Google Lighthouse to Chrome, whatever website has to perform, SEO is to check. Use to open in chrome browser.

For example, if I have to check TechYukti report, then I will open website in the Chrome browser.

After opening the website, you have to click on the icon of Google Lighthouse Extension and after that some small window comes open.


seo report

We get to see only 2 options in the window of the Lighthouse.
1.Generate report
2. Options

We will get the full report of that website once we click on Generate Report and we can customize the report according to our option. Like if I want SEO Report of TechYukti website only then I will go to Options and select only SEO and if I want a full report of the website then I will select all the options.

After selecting Options, click on Generate Report and we can audit the full report of that website. Google Lighthouse generates a report like this from our website.

Google Lighthouse Website Report Analysis:

When our website reports becomes generates. After that we know the current status of the website through these 5 operators. for example…


  1. Progressive Web App
  2. Accessibility
  3. Best practice
  4. SEO

I have generated the report of TechYukti Website and it got this score in 0-100. With the Google Lighthouse tool,

  • Performance – 9
  • Progressive Web App – 45
  • Accessibility – 61
  • Best practice – 63
  • SEO – 100

If someone’s score is 100, then that operator will be working well in your website.

  1. Performance Report:

Lighthouse performance report has a complete Metrics of Website Loading, how much time the website is loading in and Website Speed, Consistency

  1. Progressive Web App Report:

From here, we generate a Progressive report of any Website according to Website Server response, Theme, color, Network. From here we can know which website is being loaded properly on the website and according to the website, its theme is color. If any audit fails, there is a suggestion about it so that we can correct it further.

  1. Accessibility Report:

From here we get information about the website’s HTML Attribute Errors and find out. That we have to correct the iframe, attribute of the website. So that the accessibility of our website can be correct.

  1. Best practice Report:

Google Lighthouse Best practice gives us information about scripting errors. For example if there is a jQuery, JavaScript code, Event or Function error in the website, then there will be information about it and some Google.

  1. SEO Report:

From the SEO Report, we know how the Website’s On-Site SEO is. Such as Title, heading, Keywords, Content, images are used correctly or not. If there is an SEO error, then we can correct it by the guide given here.

Friends, “Google Lighthouse SEO Tool” is a free website audit tool and it’s made by Google developer. By using this tool, we can optimize our website on google search engine and the performance of our website comment below for any query. 

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