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Our website maintenance services will make sure your website is always up-to-date as well as is well equipped with the latest technologies. Website Maintenance plays a crucial role when it comes to your business. If you own a business website and you are maintaining your website or you don't hire a website maintenance services then it can affect your business a lot.

Webarana standard Website Maintenance services include content updates, updating images, CMS Update, Framework Update and a lot more. We also provide support via phone and email in our Website Maintenance Services.

With time, Everything becomes outdated and hence you're required to maintain it. Just in the case of the website sometimes technology evolves, content is outdated or you need a better design. For all these, You need Website Maintenance Services.

Need Of Website Maintenance

  • Providing more value to your user by offering up-to-date information regarding your business, products, services & operational timing.
  • Being updated with the latest Web Technologies related to your business.
  • Giving customers a reason to visit your website again.

Our Website Maintenance Services Includes:

  1. Updating Content

    We can update your website with the latest forms of your business content ( images, text & videos). Our team can also help you in creating more pages on your website with updated information related to your business.

  2. Website Backup & Restore

    Webarana can also help you in creating your website backups on a regular interval of time to prevent data loss in case of calamities. Our team can also help you in migrating your website to a new server or restoring your backups on the server.

  3. Performance Reports

    Webarana team will analyze your website performance, server performance and website traffic. Based on the analysis We will create custom reports related to your business website and the things you need to fix on your website.

  4. Fixing Bugs/Malwares

    Bugs and Malwares are very common on websites and you need to take special care of such problems. Ignoring these can make your sites vulnerable to hackers. Our developers can also fix your website bugs and can remove malware from your website that may have infected your web server too.

  • Instant Updates ( Within 1 day for normal Updates )
  • Checking for the latest CMS & Plugins
  • On-demand Website Backups & Restore
  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • Website Performance Monitoring
  • Fixing Bugs, Removing Malware and Checking for Browser Compatibility
  • Server Performance Monitoring
  • Updating Website Contents
  • Finding & Fixing Broken Links
  • Setting-up 404 redirects
  • Support via Phone & Email
  • Free Consultation Regarding Your Business.

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